Our focus is to have an Africa with social, political and economic opportunities regardless of gender, religion and ethnic origin.

Our Foucs

Conflict Resolution

BARADO as a child of necessity was formulated as a tool that will mitigate against regional and society conflict. Conflict Resolution Management principle are usually applied to settle these conflicts.

Poverty Reduction

Poverty been a cancan-warm that has eaten deeply, the heart of our continent is the cause of several vices. In a bid to reduce poverty we have created platforms that are aimed at given our people a new song to sing.

Mass Literacy

The lack of knowledge and skills are destructive blocks that declines societal growth. In an attempt to create an enlighten society with mass literates, BARADO has offers dozens of scholarships to checkmate illiteracy.

Domestic Violence

Over the years Africa has witnessed great domestic violence that are most enginered by power mongers but with BARADO and her chains of community orientation projects people are now aware of the side effect of violence.;

Youth Empowerment

The youths are an integral part of every society. As part of our focus, we have designed platforms to engages youths from skills acquisition, ICT training and Empowerment.

Gender Equality

One of the most ignored aspect in our society today is the neglect of equal participation of certain gender and age in nation building. BARADO is on the train of periodic sensitization of the danger of gender inequality,

Combating Disease

With both international and national partnership, BARADO has saved the lives of community people including women and children.

Envi. Sustainability

Our well-being are greatly affected by our environment and as such, we have a duty to protect it.BARADO has launched some initiatives that has reposited the idea of environmental sustainability.